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Hi everyone,we are creating a new community in this server,and now the server its open for the public.And we are building a Garry´s Mod RolePlay Server,so,if you join now,you will be the first to play this incredible server. And i ¡f you join us discord server only at this page,you will win a special role in the server,so at what are you waiting for? And why join this server? Well,we have this features: Suggestions,supports and doubts channel. Members Counter. Very Active Staff (we are searching for more,so if you want to be staff go to #staff-application in the server) Staff Application System. Very Good and acceptable rules. We have actually 28 roles. Staff Schedule. Levels System. Reports channel. This are the basic features of the server,but if you give so much support to this server we gonna add so much features. So what are you waiting for? Join now and make friends!

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