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    Usagi BOT A suitable bot for your server with multifunction moderation. Apart from having their own functions to improve moderation, you say yes to everything and he will do it for you. <optional> (required) Commands: - Autorole: A command to avoid the joy of granting the role manually usage: `u;autorole (id/role name)` - Ban: Prohibits a user from the guild usage: `u;ban (User id/mention) <reason>` - Kick: Kick a user from the guild usage: `u;kick (User id/mention) <reason>` - Logs: Record all the facts of the guild usage: `u;logs <Channel id/mention>` - Mute: Mutate a user of all channels usage: `u;mute (User id/mention)` - Unmute: Unmute a previously muted user usage: `u;unmute (User id/mention)` - Set-Report: Select a channel to direct the reports usage: `u;set-report <Channel id/mention>` - Report: Report a user for some malicious act usage: `u;report (User id/mention) (reason)` - Seeon: Shows where said user is usage: `u;seeon <User id/mention>` Without more to say. Thank you for choosing Usagi bot!
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