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Just me, Xge. Sapphire is a hobby project of mine which I decided to start because I couldn't find any public Discord bot that fitted my needs. The bot, website, dashboard and all other stuff is all maintained by me. The logo, website concept and emojis were designed by Kaera.

I started coding Sapphire in April 2021 and released it on July 17, 2021. There was even a dashboard back then, but that and other features have evolved a lot over time.

Since I am working almost daily on Sapphire to add features and fix bugs, the Sapphire you see today took me as long as it exists: ~ a year.

Yes! I am working almost daily on Sapphire to fix bugs and add features you requested on the 
support server. I usually release updates every few weeks so make sure to join Sapphire's support server to stay up to date. Which specific update is coming next depends on the most up voted feature requests, Discord's API changes and just my personal preference. There won't be any detailed information about upcoming updates until I release them though.

Yes! I do not plan on adding any paid option to its current and upcoming features. The only paid "feature" is Sapphire's Custom Branding option since each custom instance needs to be hosted just for a single server. Other than that, there's no paid option.

Feel free to support me by donating on Patreon though :)

Currently not and I do not plan on publishing its code.

Sapphire had quite a few downtimes in June and July 2021 because of its growth as it was the fastest growing bot on Discord in this time. But all issues that let to downtimes are fixed now and the bot got very reliable again.
You can check its status on here: Status

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