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Yuzuhira 2.0.1

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Acerca de Este Bot


Hi! I am Yuzuhira, a multifunctional bot, which will help you manage your server. As? with all my available commands, Moderation, Entertainment, Fun, etc. that you can use them, as well as the users, obviously those of Entertainment and Fun n-n.

You have doubts? you can check in the support server. You can also use the `yu!help [command]` command to get detailed help for it.


InvitationSupport Server

Announcements & News

+ We add 3 Categories of Commands.

+ Interaction Commands

+ Reaction Commands

+ Image Commands

- Soon these categories will be added to the command `yu!cmds`

+ We added 4 new Command. `ttt <@user>`, `aki`, `hangman` and `minesweeper`

+ Due to the request of Yuzuhira users, `yu!hangman-es` was added.

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